the worst you can get…

Yes, we all know of the terror of television. That nightmare box that ruins soo many evenings and brings soo much human potential to rot on the couch like that forgotten bag of potatos at the back of the bottom kitchen cabinet… But it can get worse. Tonight? Relishing the thought of 60 Minutes after having to sit through an unbearable episode of 20/20 last week (is that show for real? Is that host for real? Shhuuudddeeerr….). Anyway, I don’t know who this new guy on 60 Minuutes is, but he’s terrible! It’s like he’s narrating a documentary for 4th grade. Ugh. And then? My god. A story on Bono? and U2? They seemed alright but, c’mon “Bono” take your stupid sunglasses off! You’re being interviewed (and it’s not even sunny), how stinking rude can you get? I’m suprised he wasn’t chatting on his cell at the same time. Anyway. After that some show called “Cold Case”? Let’s see: terrible dialogue (jesus, that must be the worst thing about television), irritating editing (why does everything have to be shot like it’s a commercial for a whole show?)… I dunno. I guess that stuff is aimed at the MTV generation. Whatever that means. Aren’t I the MTV generation? I remember when it came out… These shows though are plain dumb and really not thought out very well… “Dude, and then he’ll say “You mean, it was his son!?!” and then we’ll do some cool edit so that the camera’s filming the underside of the table then jags to the side to show someone’s foot and then, “are you saying, it was his son?!””. Yeah well, now there’s some show on of “snowing all over the world!”. Wow. Brilliant.

Anyway. All in all pretty lame. What’s not lame though is Friday I went to some new place called the Hawthorne Theater to see Vader! Damn that was a good thing. I know they’re a bit more Death Metal than my usual listening, but they’re just soo damned good. Anyway, it was good to go (I tried to change my mind, but the wife wouldn’t let me). I only go to one or two shows a year and I’ve seen very few metal shows, so it was quite nice.

Well then, onto movies…

Werewolves? Samurai action? Monsters? How could one go wrong? Well, one could. I did. Kibakichi. At first, it seemed slow but with potential. Some nice scenery and cinematography… Though the picture seemed muted and dark. Well. That was the best part. Slow, boring. A couple of good fights scenes that were thrown off a bit by the monster effects being what they were. Anyway, it seemed like a good idea, but I wouldn’t recommend it. If you want action and werewolves, I’d suggest just watching Le Pacte des loups again… Maybe the ol’ library needs a bit of culling.

On the other hand, yesterday I watched Slow Fade. That was a good one. Well shot, some of the old Carlito Brigante “they pulled me back in” action… The Daniel Lam soundtrack (hey! The DVD comes with a CD even!) techno music was good, some nice camera effects and kind of a hazy feel to the whole thing… Not really visually, but you kind of start feeling a bit hazy like our protagonist. Anyway I thought a nice film. Engaging, good looking and some good action.

And about my baby? Yes, as she mentioned last time, we went to go and see Pride & Prejudice. My first time with that story. I actually liked it a good deal. It looked very nice, it was well acted and directed. I quite liked the lead fellow, Mister Darcy, and I surely got wrapped up into the who will get whom routine. Actually, it made me want to read the book. Which Cait tells me is both very good and a quick read. So maybe it’s something I can handle.

We’ve also been watching the Wonder Years. I wasn’t too familiar with the show but now, after about 14 episodes in 2 days, I’m getting the hang of it. Pretty good for a TV show. Something that wouldn’t be too horrible for children to watch. it’s very thoughtful and well intentioned.


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