august, part two…

After the wedding and all that crazy excitement, we fell into more jaunting around the beautiful Northeast Kingdom, hanging out with Steve and the family and general relaxing, writing postcards and beer drinking at the lakeside. We also went to go and see Me and You and Everyone We Know at Catamount Arts which was good fun. I liked the movie quite a bit and it’s a cool little theater and gallery. I also started reading The Killer Inside Me, which, though I have yet to make too much progress, I like it. It’s a fun read.

We then headed down through Brattleboro to New York City as part 2 of Cait’s homecoming. New York was good fun, though it was hot, humid and quite stinky. Our good friend Susan let us flop at her convenient, cool and comfortable pad on East 57th which was a welcome refuge to come home to during the day. She took us around on some wonderful eating excursions and we finally made it to the Met. We made some trips to Brooklyn to visit the gang and did some mild nightlife happenings, though it was a bit hot. Yes, even at night… For exciting media events, we went to some event at P.S.1 which I wasn’t into at all. I felt my “bad art” nerve throb like it hadn’t since the Moderne in Munich, which had been able to save itself with wondrous works from the early 20th Century. We also went to see Grizzly Man. Thank god for Herzog… That guy was soo annoying that it took a special talent to make you bear with a person like Timothy Treadwell without screaming. Also, we swung a deal to see each others movies (yes, it’s the famed compromise of married life) so we went with Mark T to Sympathy for Mr Vengeance. I liked it quite a bit and it has continued to fuel my want to see Oldboy. We then went to see 40 Year Old Virgin which, I must admit, was pretty entertaining.

Anyway. We’re back now. It was a wonderful and varied vacation and honeymoon, but it’s very nice to be back. I’m not sure if we are looking to have any more month long vacations.

august, part one…

Well a nice and easy red-eye to the east coast was a good starting point for our month of fun. Followed by much sleep once we reached our home away from home. After that we had about four days of plain old rest. Sitting by the lakeside, Cait did some good swimming and I got to meet some soon-to-be little brothers and sisters in law of mine. Thankfully, I got some reading in. I finished Barney’s Version which I liked quite a lot. There were parts I felt that I identified with and I very much like Richler’s writing style. I plan on reading the rest of his work now. I also read Blood Meridian which was a bit trying to get involved in, due to his kind of language, but I was soo startled that someone could write soo much in that strange idiom, I got used to it and I loved his imagery. Though I do not have the feeling that I would appreciate his other works as much as I did this one.

It was quite idyllic. After that, buddy Steve showed up and that was good to have him around. Thursday, Mark T, Ed and John A showed up and we all went for crazy Bachelor party #2 while the gals did their silly stuff. While we were going to go up to the big town and go bowling, we ended up traveling father afield and watched some chick freedom dance with an orange at Charlie O’s “serving booze since the war between the states”! Which was a heck of a bunch of fun… What’s this all lead up to? Why… Saturday, Cait and I were married in the gallery of the Athenaeum which was all too dreamy in soo many ways! Everything went off perfect and I now begin my life as a happily married man!


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