roll with it…

Movies! Well, I finally finished watching Murder, My Sweet after only four sittings. But yes, I liked it. Dick Powell does a good Phillip Marlowe. We also took Sebs to his first theater movie ever! March of the Penguins! It was quite good and he showed great restraint for a 2 year old. He may have a long path of movie theater sitting ahead of him.

But wait! Yesterday was my bachelor party! Bowling for six at Hollywood Bowl and some more beer at Dot’s and the Clinton Street Pub, where we met up with one of our crew who was working there so he couldn’t attend the great bowl off! Well, it was fun, and in good fun. Luckily, since I laid down a few appalling games. Still though, I want a ball and shoes of my own now… Maybe that way I’d be able to stay into bowling mode.

dopplegänger of the slightest degree

Ah yes well, the Oldboy still goes unseen, but one down. I finally made it out for Episode 3 today (or yesterday, I suppose). Quite the flashy sci-fi yarn. Finally. The series that we began that long ago summer of ’77 is now done. Can you believe it’s been 28 years since Elvis died and we stood in those round-the-block lines to watch the start of a space opera? Well. I would say that this one was alright. I was dissapointed to Have Christopher Lee die soo early on (and I hope to never hear the word “dooku” again), but the abbey road stylings at the end where Lucas was like, “let’s just play one scene after another that all connect directly to scenes in Star Wars” I could have done without… Darth in his armor, C-3po being handed off to Cap’n Antilles, Chewbacca, The Death Star (I mean, come on…), the sunset on over the moisture farm on Tatooine… I’m suprised that they didn’t show the death of the big skeleton thing and the jawas bumbling around… Just to be sure. Of course, the worst was their fake Grand Moff Tarkin. I mean, leave him out of it. it upsets his purity in Episode One and his standing as the best character in all of the Star Wars universe. Sigh.
But it was still pretty fun.

Another funny thing was the plot: a selfish and evil man cons his way into being the big man on campus then uses a contrived war to get the senate on his side so that he can expand his powers well beyond their normally acceptable limits and then uses the “war” to label the people who really care about truth and democracy as traitors and anti-democratic. Hmmm… Strangely timely.

Anyway. They had a preview of the new Lion Witch Wardrobe movie, which realy just made me, once again, want to go and buy the awesome 1988 Chronicles of Narnia TV series. Oh well, and I also downloaded the trailer for Oldboy which makes me want to see it more. I have no idea.


Still working. Eatng too much food. After suffering through a few days of wanting pasta, Cait and I finally made it on over to the favored pasta place. It was quite good and it was nice to get back there. Then onto the Basement Pub. It seems one of the most pleasing bars in town. Cait actually even said it reminded her of Brooklyn bars! Anyway, those goings on made for a slow, sloggy morning today and then a barrage of eating once I started feeling better. Oi, the price for sin… The folks next door are having one of their frequent front porch parties… We’ll get them back in two weeks! I swear! Unfortunately, we’ve had to close our front windows due to, not just the noise, but the very noticable flow of cigarette smoke accompanying the cool breeze coming in to blow away the stodgy heat of the day. harumph. No movie news today. But I noticed that the new “Beat” Takeshi Kitano book is availible at Ingram, but we haven’t recieved our copies yet. Poo. It’s just Harry, Harry, Harry these days…

grapple and the grimace

Yes again with the dentist. Hopefully just one more visit and then never another thing with this one tooth. The all-day feeling like someone is pressing on my tooth is getting a bit annoying. All in all though, it has really been an alright bit of dental experience. Only bothersome due to feelings of betraying my teeth and a discomfort over how much money this may end up costing. Well, who cares? Married in one day less that a month with a nice fresh crown soon… All should be just fine.
My movie ponderings are leading me to thinking that maybe the time has come to get rid of the j-horror that I’ve got. Honestly, I just don’t find it entertaining. Not all, mind you… I do like Uzumaki, Evil Dead Trap, the maligned Junk and (as you loyal readers will no doubt remember) One Missed Call. But I tried to watch Dark Water last night. I couldn’t really keep my mind on it but, from what I did see, it reminded me of the others I have of similar ilk: Ju-on, Kairo, Kourei and Tomie. A Little too much on the atmosphere, from dull and boring, to unsettlingly creepy to dull and boring. I mean, I can deal with the boring if there’s a good payoff and/or the boring is pleasing to the eye… But if the boring is just boring and then the payoff is creepy enough that I don’t really want to watch it, that doesn’t make for a very entertaining movie experience… For me.

all here, in black and white

Who knows what lurks? For instance, on just noticing that the Hollywood is still playing Oldboy, I go and run off to the Bagdad to see Sin City. Well, next time? Oldboy.
I did like Sin City though. I had forgotten it was 3 stories and due to the groovy operating procedures, I (and a good number of others) did miss a fair bit of the beginning of the movie but I would still say that each segment was slightly less interesting than the previous one. It was fun though, and it had a good look to it. Oldboy must being doing alright, it seems that I’ve lost track for how many weeks it has contiued to be held over there.

In other news, we helped move Matt, Brooke & Sebs today. Very cute house and, across the street from another friend of mine.

wobbly and some falls…

Staying up these late night, to wander about the computer and doze off in front of movies certainly leads to a tired old evening. Plus a big plate of Dot’s food dsen’t help. Well, anyway, back to the pre-sleepy phase. I stayed up too late the last couple of evening trying to finally watch Survive Style 5+, only to finish it this morning when Cait was out. Well, what to say? I admit that I am a fan of the vibrancy of these new Japanese films. Not only the colors, of course, but the decor, characters and storylines. Multiple buryings, some dismembering, a British assassin… What else does a movie need. Some of these films really fill me with a touch of glee. Survive Style 5+ was no exception. Great to look at, lots of fun and I must add, staring the ever grand Tadanobu Asano. Highly recommended, for us folks into these kind of fun and glorious things. Then? On to shopping. I was prepared for a long process of searching for me wedding outfit but, on my first ever trip into Decades Vintage, I found it all right there!

back to the beat

So I finally got around to watching The Saddest Music in the World. Though, yea, it was pretentious, his whole directorial concept is pretenious, so how much can I hold it against him. It was only the second Guy Maddin film that I have seen but I suppose it could be said that, so far, I like his stuff. The main problem I had with this film was the casting of Mark McKinney in the lead role. While I do like the Kids in the Hall just fine, I feel that the way that he played the character brought just a tad too much levity to the movie. Just because the movie is a bit silly and pretentious doesn’t mean that the actors should act like it is.

I also settled down to watch The Devil Rides Out which, while it isn’t the finest Christopher Lee film, I always find Charles Gray’s brand of evil to be a refreshing view. And I always find the Satanic Rites deals to be pretty well entertaining.

What else though? Tonight my sweetie and I wandered off to the Mississippi Pizza Pub with John & Annette to see New Mexican Revolution. It was a bit crowded but the band was good and they dressed quite nice. Plus, I saw Jennifer again, 2nd time this week, that makes me happy.

oh. no, not quite so brief…

So yes. Lessons learned? I have learned to be sure and communicate
with people in such a way as to ensure that they ignore whatever
point I may be trying to make. In my personal life, yes, of course.
But also, in my other correspondense. I have mastered the art of
over-stating my point (and over-extending my point) to such an
extreme that the orginal point becomes lost.
Why am I speaking of this? Well, I sent off an e-mail today to
regarding their quickpoll and issues that I think exists with the system
they use for supply possible answer for respondeds to utilize. What was
contianed in my little e-mail? Well, I’m glad you asked! Once again, in
the name of anti-brevity, here is my e-mail:

“Hi! I just have a comment about the Quickpoll. I am a fan of the
quickpoll and I tune in nearly everyday to respond to it but I had
one question: It seems to me that polls results become lopsided if
the answers offered do not express a full range of opinions. Maybe
you could also offer an “Other Answer” option?

For instance. Today’s poll at “What’s the best
way to fight terrorism?”

The answers that you offer: Promoting democracy, Military action,
Tighter security… All reflect a support of dominance over people
(Spread our political system everywhere, military domination, control
our nations and our citizens). So no matter what answer one picks,
it shows that 100% of responses show that domination & control are
the only way to combat terrorism.

If someone believes that domination and control are, in fact, the causes
of terrorism, if one holds the thought that “terrorism is people fighting
back against nations that oppress them: say Palestine vs Israel (Israel
trying to basically destroy the Palestinian people in their own land),
IRA vs Britain (a people trying to end centuries of military, religious and
political domination by those across the Irish sea), the Middle East vs
the West (the 20th century long battle to change Islam and their society
into something that we find acceptable and to dominate the oil fields),
there is no way to express anything like that on the poll. If there was an
“other” option, then at least whatever minority of the population believe
that people have a right to self determination and that say, Islamic
terrorists wouldn’t attack the west if we weren’t over there with our
miltary and oil interests. People who realize that those folks don’t
actually “hate our freedom” but actually “hate our presence in their
lands” (as we would hate their presence in our) don’t have anyway
in this poll to express that maybe none of those three options would
really be the best way to fight terrorism and would, in fact in two of
those cases, actually cause more terrorism.

But I digress… In short, with a multiple choice poll, it would seem
sensible to offer one vague option just for those who want to vote but
whose opinions don’t match whatever specific answers that have been

Thank you.”

Yes, as you might guess, this will end up in the “never got to the end…”
pile. Along with the e-mails that I sent to 2 Oregon State Reps’ regarding
the mass poisoning (er, I mean, the Fluoridation) of Oregon’s drinking
water and the e-mail that I sent to the NYT about the blantant right-wing
slant they showed by putting “Don’t Think of an Elephant” in the “Self-Help
best sellers” to prevent such a wonderful and helpful piece of progessive
politics from appearing on the Non-Fiction list.

Strangely, I never seem to get very many responses…

yeah? i got your american experience right here…

A long night of celebrating the trival victory! Third place! A late evening filled with beer and Matt’s wonderous Pecan pie from Blue Gardenia has led to a nice slow morning. Lots of Father Ted & rest are on the menu today. The Father Ted was a nessessity. Television this morning seeemed singularly irritating. Lots of jokers singing that old war song about rockets, bombs and glare and then someone who went around the country and photographed folks that share names with famous people… In this case, I would have to say that there are a few parts of “clever” and “interesting” that I wouldn’t understand. Someone needs to do something about the proliferation of books that are published. It seems like any jerk can cast a few trees to the ground just to repeat whatever gibberish goes through their head. All in the hopes of some publsher making anouther buck. I say halt production on 75% of the books being published and give those fools blogs.
Anyway, I just don’t get these holidays. But I found some fun songs at Dr Mysterian, Mabel’s is closed so it feels kind of like a little vacation and Jennifers gathering should be fun. If only it wasn’t soo hot… But Brooke and Sebastian are due back today, so there’s that to look forward to, too.

dead? really?

Things do come a long ways… So Cait and Matt and I (where’s them Brooke and Sebs?!) sat down for a late night viewing of the ol’ Dawn of the Dead. Well, not to sound like a total sucker, but sometimes… Those oldies? They can be a bit odd to watch. I could hash it up to a higher expectations what with the newer levels of special effects and all but man, I just don’t know. Back around 90 when Dean and I would page through “The Gore Score” looking for Italian Cannibal movies to rent. I just gotta say… They’re boring. Yeah, call me a low attention span American or whatever but I’d rather watch a movie that had a little more going on in it. The same with those Italian Giallo movies and most j-horror. I was looking about online about Land of the Dead and someone said that it just didn’t live up to the expectations of a Romero movie. Well, maybe not but… It was a lot funner than Dawn of the Dead and since movies are entertainment, I do prefer a bit of entertaining with mine.

Cait, smartly, took an early exit from the viewing and Matt and I were having quite the time staying awake until the end. I did find it entertaining to see Tom Savini again. Looking pretty much just the same as in Land of the Dead, only with a much more substantial role. Anyway, I should digress.

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